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bur song 2 enthusiast bullied on insta for having a massive throbbing cock TwT

Monday Feb 28, 2022, 9:46 AM




Last online: 8-13-2022 6:50am

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YOO i didnt even realise i didnt have a bio!! my names zebrina/sabrina, im 15! dms r always open, im really social, if u need anythin dont hesitate to ask! I adore how to train ur dragon, scream street, maneskin, and if you think id like a pattern, tell me!! also DM ME IF U LIKE HTTYD I MUST TALK,,, i like men rn


-serious disorder fakers (you know, did, osdd, tourettes, etc. it is disgusting and insulting. this includes self dx. if you think you have something, talk to a therapist or psychiatrist, not the internet.)

-following up w/ serious disorder fakers, whatever non-traumagenic systems/pro-endogenic systems are. do not even click on my icon.

(i nicked that DNI bit from N1GHTFALL cuz i agree)

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