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[rage]̷̡̣̥̤̩̙̝͉̹͋̃̇̈͗̃̚̕͝ͅ[complacent]̶̛͍͎̦͍̰͙͓̮̬̓̆͌̒̐̕͜͠͝[wicked]̶͔̖͙̻͎̖̰͖͛̆͝[evil]̷̠̭̻̳͔͚̪̇̈́̔̔̋̓̀̚̕ͅ . .

Friday Jul 9, 2021, 7:38 PM




Last online: 9-25-2021 4:33pm
  • Gender: Agender (They/he/any neos )
  • NY , US
  • Profile Views: 472

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HEY! HEY! HEY! My namez Magic! my pronouns are They/He/any neos.‼️I'm a minor ‼️

Bookz/Showz I like: Wings of Fire, She-ra and the princesses of power(reboot), The Owl House, Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts, The Dragon Prince, Helluva Boss, Blue Exorcist, Danganronpa, Gravity Falls, Serfina series, Hamilton, and 5 worlds ^-^

Music I like: Mother Mother, Babymetal, Cavetown, Doll Skin, Melanie Martinez , and Penelope Scott

Fav songz: Sugercrash, Money machine by 100 gecs, Problems by Mother Mother, Choke by I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, Boys Will Be Bugs by Cavetown, Devil Town by Cavetown, Devil Town v2 by Cavetown, Girls by Girl In Red, Bad Idea by Girl In Red, Line Without A Hook by Ricky Montgomery, Prom Queen by Beach Bunny, Oh No by MARINA a the Diamonds, Are You Satisfied by MARINA and The Diamonds, Love is dead and we killed her by Doll Skin, Little Game by BENNYCigarette Ahegao by Penelope Scott, and I’ll Be Good by James Young

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