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it's a devastating day for the sweater duo community

Thursday Jun 10, 2021, 11:55 AM




Last online: 6-11-2021 3:32pm

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hello!! my name is tommy (you can also call me kenny if you want, i'm trying it out)!! i use he/they/ghost pronouns mostly, but there are some other one's i like too :) !! i am a minor !! (13)

i have a lot of interests and most of them are bands lolol. i like twenty one pilots, panic! at the disco, my chemical romance, waterparks, fall out boy, cavetown, radiohead, lemon demon, danganronpa, mcyt, and the cornetto trilogy

i play guitar, ukulele, and i'm trying to learn piano. i also draw sometimes and of course i really like making kandi!!! :)

i also use ":)" way too often


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