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sometimes it’s too much, i’m fucked up and clueless.

Monday Mar 8, 2021, 12:06 PM




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hey everyone! my name is Zee, I am a pansexual and asexual person, and i identify as nonbinary :) I love true crime, skateboarding, and writing. I like the bands The front bottoms, mother mother, twenty one pilots, falling in reverse and more, my favorite video games are animal crossing, don't starve, borderlands and minecraft :3 I have anxiety, and possibly adhd. I have a lovely partner, and I am a minor, Also I have quite a obbsesion with bunnies :3 I like cybergoth and scenecore, and I like scremo, punk, and rock music :3


here’s a few of my kins: Wybie (coralline), Marshal Lee (adventure time), Ryota (kakegurui) Crona (soul eater) Wendy (don’t starve) Hooni lee (suicide boy) scaredy bat (ruby gloom) sally face (Sally Face)

have a good day!


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