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( /^ω^)/ ♪♪ || iimportant : june 21st to prolly july ii wont be onliine bc ii wont have a laptop (ii'll miiss everyone v much iily guys /p)

Monday Jun 21, 2021, 6:58 AM




Last online: 6-21-2021 5:25am

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**** ii wont have a laptop for a few weeks so ii'll prolly be offliine tiil july ****


name !!1: bunni / elliot / furby <33


iinfo !!1: ii’m a miinor !!! (13) pls dnii iif over 18 // ii age regress (3-6) also ii'm nd so pls use tone tagz when ya can !!


nonbiinary trans boy // pronounhoarder // abroromantiic // demiisexual


prolly wont use my quiirk much iin commentz but ii wiill 4 msgs :] // ii put songz ii liike iin my status msg frequently !!!

ii miight acciidentally take partz of ur personaliity- how'd'you thiink ii got iit iin the 1st place??? /hj


iinterestz !!1: mcyt, the dsmp, furbiiez, fnaf, anciient megafauna, n cotc!!

iim iin2 a ton of diifferent musiic so iif ur curiious abt iit just ask n ii can send you my playliist!!


matchiing pfps w/ @ghostburkinnie !! <33


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