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$h!tty w0r|d

Saturday Feb 6, 2021, 10:56 AM




Last online: 2-18-2021 11:52pm
  • Gender: boyflux (he/him & COR/CORPSE/CORPSELF)
  • Arkansas, US
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hii im 13 my name is zinc uhhh im a trans ftm femboy mmm yay im so pretty i love creepypastas, fnaf, mcyt etc! i tend 2 overshare n sumtimes i act younger than i really am..i think itz way 2 cope el o el. i love icp, riot grrrl bands, nirvana n much more i can be really mean ngl :-( uhh be my friend plz also my dc iz meagan_makes_me_shart_69#3320 so u can add me weewoo <33

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