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How does this work uhhh... i'm in class *-*

Monday Feb 1, 2021, 2:58 AM




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  • Gender: Demi-Boy (Bead/Beadself ~ Pog/Pogself~ Dizorder/Dizorderself~ They/He)
  • I Hate It Here, The Middle Of Nowhere, Hell Hole(Poland)
  • https://pronouny.xyz/u/xxlielixxx
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Ummm, hiii! Y'all can call me Felix, Kyle, Richie or gyonk! i'm 14 and go by maaaaany pronouns (my pronouny is linked in my profile if ya want to check them out x3) but the ones i feel most comfy with are: Bead/Beadself, Dizorder/Dizorderself, End/Enderself and He/They if you don't want to use neopronouns!

I am in many fandoms that include: Mcyt~Hamilton~Emo/Scene/alternative bands~Death Note~DDLC~Creepypasta~FNAF~Mlp~And more!

I love making kandi, diys with monster cans, sewing, music and art!

My music taste includes: emo bands, video game soundtracks, hyperpop, crunkcore, wilbur soot, edm, happyhardcore, sad shit, all fucking kidns of punk, metalcore, uhh the hamilton soundtrack, k-pop, and uhh baisically everythind exept for most rap artists and pop.

And no i don't have dyslexia i just dont notice errors when typing :3

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