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Last online: 2-11-2021 7:25pm
  • Gender: Trans-Masc (He/Him, They/Them)
  • BC, Canada
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||- Hey, name's Raemus/Crow. Please call me Rae.

He/Him, They/Them. I don't know much about neopronouns, but I kinda vibe with ones related to death and the supernatural. (rot/rots/rotself for an example) (as I said, I don't know much, but these are pronouns I'm comfy with so please don't hate me)

Pretty new to kandi, but known about it for a while.

Vibes are pretty much a punk (cyberpunk, technopunk, etc.) and bright pop-art style mess. Quite envious of supernatural creatures tbh.

Pretty avid nerd! Horror, webcomics, video games, cosplay. Author and editor of multiple projects. Roleplayer and DnD player.I kin Aesop Carl, Andrew Kreiss, Luca Balsa, and Antonio Paganini. (I do kin other characters, but these are my top ones)

Bi+Ace! -||


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