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sinus issues •_•"

Tuesday Feb 6, 2024, 10:33 AM




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icons matching w 1ns3cur_ !!

**fyi: many of my kandi patterns are referenced off of images; the work isnt 100% my own unless stated!! if my patterns are accepted, I always try and include the og source, but i cant upload the links to them as most link to external sites that would be against ToS due to insta messaging!**

Heyo I’m Solvalou!!


I’m a minor; not comfy w sharing my exact age, but i am currently in high school <3

Just ur avg scenemo kid; I luv early 2000s pop, rock + crunk music, but I have a sweet spot for techno, rap n rave music!!

Chances are u may know me from SpaceHey or Blips club, but I decided to make an acc here to post all the different perler patterns I’ve wanted to make :)

I’m trying to get into making kandi, but my mother will not let me get pony beads so for now I am limited to perler :’P

I hope u like my stuff!! ^u^

[ps I’ll probably not use this site too often—if u need anything IM me on spacehey]

* . °•★|•°∵ ∵°•|☆•° . * . °•★|•°∵ ∵°•|☆•° . * . °•★|•°∵ ∵°•|☆•° . * . °•★|•°∵ ∵°•|☆•° . *



- Invader Zim

- Carebears

- Nintendo Games [ especially the Mario games, ACNH, Mother/Earthbound series, and Kirby]

- Sanrio [esp. aggretsuko, the hello kitty tv show, badtz maru, + my melody]

- danny phantom

if u have any perler/kandi requests, pls feel free to msg me! ill try my best to make them!

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