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Friday Jan 26, 2024, 1:30 PM




Last online: 2-27-2024 4:07pm
  • Gender: She-ro (according 2 a little kid :3) | but honestly idek help (she/him/his | fluid but u can just use these)
  • Equestria, Greater Equestria, Earth
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"You know I'm not straight, but let me say it straight to you." /lyrc

Yall ik ik but EMO MOMENT

been making kandi since I was 9-10 :)


If you send a friend request you must verify you are safe. You can do this by replying to the message I will send u aftr I get the request. If your still waiting for me 2 accept check that u replied to my message. Thanks!! <3 (if u already answer my questions in ur request message u wont need 2 verify again) Alzo u need 2giv me a code so I can tell u care, and rnt jst request spamming :p

I accept almost all the friend requeztz I getz!!! Pleez dont hesit8 2addme bcuz the answer is prbly already yez :D

DNI: Basic stuff, z00s, anti-furs, anti-therians, homophobes etc. Rude to people based on their identity (gender, pronouns, etc.), race, and mental or physical conditions. Also I can be a bit rude sometimes but jokingly, so if I ever offend you or make you feel uncomfortable PLEASE let me know and I'll stop. Also I will call you girl no matter your pronouns as in, GIRL. ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS?! or stuff like that, so let me know if you don't like it and I'll stop :3 I love u all but 17+ please only interact publicly, unless I had u on my friends list b4 u turned 17+ (no priv messages unless it's like "Please stop doing this" or smthn VERY important. othr convesations can stay public.

⋆˚✿˖ Hihi!! I'm Juniper/Juniperr. I make kandi <3⋆˚✿˖

Lgbtqia+ goober

(pfp is from Scene/Emo Kid Maker on Picrew lol)

Mitski stan >:) and 6arelyhuman WORSHIPPER.

!!Important info: /gen

-Don't make negative jokes abt depression, mental health, physical health, or conditions near me. Positive ones like tbh creature are fine tho.

-Keep our discussions non-political and positive. (no anti-LGBTQ+ etc.)

-Don't be weird with me (Sorry, but I'm not looking for a relationship or partner)

(I try 2 use emotion tags, but I forget sometimes. Saying so, PLEASE let me know if you need me to explain the tone or purpose of what I just said) also if my typing is hard2read lemme know and I can transl8

Scene kid/scenemo!

I like a lot of stufz but my main interests rn are pikmin, squishmallows, AJPW (quit ajclassic), tokidoki figurinez and sum othr things. I also like lotz of mUsic!! :u

Abt the stuff I do on here:

I'm a minor. Keep it safe :3

I like posting photos of my kandi and cheering u guys up or getting into funny conversations. I don't post patterns yet D:

the code is PizzaTacoz!

U don't need 2 read this, itz jst stuf 4me 2 remember

ppl I dont want on here: (jst so I can remember lol) if ur frenz w/ them thatz fine, I jst don't want 2inneract w/ them 4 my own prsonal reazons. <3

Sxlaris , Luna_the_light_fury , BLOODSTAINEDGEM (just no. why did u hav2 do that man)

I will not tell you why I've chosen not to interact with these individuals. It's really none of your business at ALL. (I didn't block all of them, jst a few, so sum of them I still interact w/, I jst want minimal contact and no friend requestz.)

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