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Slaying all day (And skibidi toilet) I mass-upload my Kandi pics every like year so the pics are NEVR upd8d LolLL:)

Saturday Apr 13, 2024, 7:19 AM




Last online: 6-16-2024 6:24am
  • Gender: Transmasc, boyflux, demigod!! er... I mean demiboy X-X (He/him/his on site ig)
  • Equestria, Greater Equestria, Earth
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Apparently im "The Gay Emo Furry" <33 (thanks Tameca I like the title ;-;)

Member of the Slay Ratz babY bascetboll cult, music group, and babY bascetboll team (yez, its supposed 2b spelled like that :p)

"You know I'm not straight, but let me say it straight to you." /lyrc

"I used the litter box in the gender neutral bathroom at the Dorian Electra concert." DORIANNNNN ELECTRAAAAAAA IYKYKKKKK

Yall ik ik but EMO MOMENT

started making kandi when I was 9-10 or smthn :I STILL MAKE ITTT!!!1!




!IMPORTANT! !PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING! (tried2 write with less quirks)

If you send a friend request you must verify you are safe. You can do this by replying to the message I will send u aftr I get the request. If your still waiting for me 2 accept check that u replied to my message. Thanks!! <3 (if u already answer my questions in ur request message u wont need 2 verify again) I dont do bio codez anymore :P thanks anyways (The old code was PizzaTacoz!)

I accept almost all the friend requeztz I getz!!! Pleez dont hesitate 2 add me because the answer is probably already yes :D

DNI if u mean!! *z00s, s3ggsu@l furries (I'm a furry but not in that way), h0moph0b3s, abl1ests/ment@lists, r@c1sts, p3d0s, hate towards other religions/beliefs etc. ALzO DNI if u hav fandoms or interests in ur dni list jst cuz u think the fandom/interest is annoying? like WHUT? (if they r fandoms for bad/offensive etc. media its fine) an example of this is DNI if you like this music artist or this cartoon. (I've seen people say this before) ALzO if u dni random stufz :/ or like if u put dni self diagnosed or wtvr :p

Also I can be a bit rude sometimes but jokingly, so if I ever offend you; or make you feel uncomfortable PLEASE let me know and I'll stop. Also I will call you girl, sister, homeboy, bro, dude, no matter your pronouns as in, GIRL. ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS?! or stuff like that. So if u don't like it PLEASE let me know and I'll totally stop! its no problem for me at all. :3 /pos

(I try 2 use emotion tags, but I forget sometimes. Saying so, PLEASE let me know if you need me to explain the tone or purpose of what I just said) also if my typing is hard to read lemme know and I can translate

!!Important info:

- I'm a boy. Please treat me like one.

-Keep our discussions non-political and positive. (no anti-LGBTQ+ etc.)

-Don't be weird with me (Sorry, but I'm not looking for a relationship or partner)




abt me:

⋆˚✿˖ Hihi!! I'm Julian. I make kandi <3⋆˚✿˖

my kandi name is Jul1ann Frum Jupit3rr or jst Jupit3rr/Jupiter

I hav different perzonalitiez depending on how intenz my boyflux getz :p (I mainly hav a "fem" personality on thiz site, but plz keep in mind im not alwayz tha same irl.

Im sosososo preppy x3 like lowkey preppy KWEENNNN

Im part of the Cherokee Nation! (Native American/Indigenous American)

I have lime green hair!


Moozic I likez: (in no order)

Dorian Electra is my FAVORITE music artizt EVR. HANDZ DOWN. Out of ANYONE I listen2 they are the BEST. NO TIES. (they rnt scene music but dam they hit HARDDD idk if this makes sense, but scene/crunk = fav genres but Dorian = fav music artist evn tho they rnt scene/crunkcore music)

I luvluvluvluvluvluv Melanie Martinez :33 <333 <33 (saw trilogy live)

PTV AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH<333<33 :33 <33 :3 (caraphernelia iz mah fav)


millionaires (what did u think I'd say)

blink182 :DDDDDD

I hav sm moozicz I liekz but I don wanna name em rn :D

sum genrez r (in no order) scene (duh)(crunkcore is my fav), scenecore, hyperpop, altpop, indie pop,indie rock, punk, pop punk, happy hardcore, tonz of dif rave moozicz, emo, goth, occasionally metal etc. oh, and more crunkcore, more crunkcore, +more crunkcore.

fashion= Scenemo!! (with a bit of goth, mall goth, decora etc.) (ik u cant b scene/emo w/out listening2 tha moozicz dnt worry I do lol no pozerz here :3)

Furry lol (not a weird1 obvi)

I like a lot of stufz but my main interests rn are (rewatching SU 4like the 1millionth timeee, I luv Sardonyx, White Diamond, Sugalite, Garnet and Peridot!!1!) MLP, squishmallows, BAB, Lisa Frank, AJPW (quit ajclassic), tokidoki figurinez, Heartstooper Gkids + Miyazaki films. Minions!1!/Despicable me, Calvin and Hobbes and sum othr things. I also like lotz of mUsic!! (as u read b4) :u

Abt the stuff I do on here:

I'm a minor. Keep it safe :3

I like posting photos of my kandi and cheering u guys up or getting into funny conversations. I don't post patterns yet D:

⠀Certified skibidi sigma alpha male moment >:)

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