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im.. alive again ahha...

Monday Oct 9, 2023, 1:14 PM




Last online: 10-09-2023 1:11pm
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haihai :3 welcome to my page !!

you can call me any of my names: oliver, honey, ellis, novas, ira + (✧ω✧) im bi + poly !!

pls use masc or fem terms on me [no non-binary ones thank chu!] i am a minor (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡


my interests : ff7+15, fnaf, ow2, pokemon, clowns, dinosaurs, creepypastas, homestuck, dbd, dr, csm, black butler, minecraft, all saints street, liar liar, dinosaur king, drawing, kandi ofc, music, poems, evangelion, musicals, bsd, tokyo ghoul, sanrio, cats, sheep and a bunch of other stuff !! just message me abt it (*/ω\)

my music: puddy puddy, oingo boingo, icp, tmbg, radiohead, will wood, melanie martinez, penelope scott, mitski, lemon demon, the living tombstone, GRLwood + more !


i have autism and my messages r open !! friend me if you want, i dont bite (`ー´) !!!

m/w my phone guy!! <3 2023


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