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wow i haventbeen here in awhile! MY BEST FRIENDS MY BOYFIE NOW EHEHEHEHEHE

Friday Nov 24, 2023, 5:03 PM




Last online: 12-02-2023 12:40pm
  • Gender: intersex transsexual (he shi vae)
  • Up, Your, Ass
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19/kain/kujo ₊ he/him shi/hir vae/vaem ₊ intersex ungendered queer₊ i LOVE MY BOYFIE!!!!!!!!!!!! 21 . 11 . 2023 :3

haihai! welcome to my kandi pattern profile... :3 i make lots of cute and bright cuff patterns and lots of queer charms and stuff like that! i accept requests... feel free to message me them or contact me on discord! my user is cometcare :3 i also have a form for kandi requests for queer paws!

media interests ₊ sparklecare, cometcare, danganronpa, yttd, serial experiments lain, gloomy bear, saya no uta, and more... im critical of all my media ints

reg interests ₊ psychology, human anatomy, medicine/medical field, marine life, oceanography, squids, sharks, jellyfish, foxes, canines, bright colors, queer community, mogai, religion, digital art, ceramics, kandi making (duuhhh...)

music ₊ breakcore, lolicore, terrorcore, speedcore, glitchbreak, goreshit, rory in early 20s, lapfox trax (the quick brown fox, bandetto, renard, jackal, adraen, emoticon, etc), dj kuroneko, simon curtis, elita, tv girl, carseat headrest, roar, nouns, whirr, american pleasure club, teen suicide, coma cinema, more! ^_^

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