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causing chaos and drinking choccy milk

Saturday Jun 24, 2023, 5:48 AM




Last online: 10-27-2023 8:49am
  • Gender: demiboy (he/him)
  • Ur Mom, Deez Nuts
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silly little artist who decided to get into making kandi

possible autism, possible did, ocd, anxiety, depression, possible adhd

patellafemoral pain syndrome (almost recovered!!) some weird undiagnosed stuff that makes me pass out and nauseous and a lot more

current hyperfixation : cuphead/the cuphead show

now some more info on me!!

hi im crow/samuel and im 15!!

i like a lot of things but i'm not listing all the fandoms im in because its a whole paragraph and i'm lazy but the main one rn as you know is cuphead!! i also like splatoon and the crackpet show!!

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