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"youre really cute no matter what. dont let anyone tell you any different, okay?"

Wednesday Mar 15, 2023, 8:38 PM




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Hey! I have a business but this is a personal account! i am from israel and i am personally jewish! i make kandi and peler stuff for fun due to the lack of activites i can participate in!

I enjoy: FNAF, Eddsworld, Sanrio, Invader Zim, Grumpy Bear, Vocaloid and reading!

I DONT ACCEPT: Maps, Dreamsexual, Animesexuals, Superstraights, Quasihomesexuals, Yurisexuals

About me: I'm biromantic and asexual. You may be questioning but biromantic is dating both genders. Asexual is not having s3xual attraction. TY!!!!

My name: Ariane

Age: Almost 15

Personallity type: INFP

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