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help im in the basement

Saturday Mar 18, 2023, 3:45 PM




Last online: 3-30-2023 10:08pm
  • Gender: Trans FtM (He/Him)
  • Ur, Mom's, House
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Hiiii! :]

i changed my profile again because the wings of fire phase didnt last long <3

i am a total nerd

~About me~


Name: Asher :]

Pronouns: He/him :]

Sexuality: Omniromantic Aceflux :]

Fandoms: Sans aus, VOCALOID, and there are other fandoms i leave and reenter :]

Favorite things: Blue, Cereal, other stuff, orchestra :]

Hobbies: Drawing, Digital art, Kandi, Writing stories, orchestra :]

Hyperfixations: Bats, Science, Bouncy balls , Stuffed animals, orchestra :]

i play the cello

Triggers: Sudden noise, fire alarms/similar sounds

im not diagnosed for anything, but i show symptoms for anxiety(specifically social anxiety) and either adhd or autism(maybe both)

Have a great day :D

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