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happy pride! :]

Saturday Jun 3, 2023, 12:12 PM




Last online: 6-05-2023 10:44am
  • Gender: transmasc nonbinary xenohoarder cosmicgender genderspike (he/him, dead/death, they/them, bat/batself)
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☆Preffered pronouns are he/dead/they/bat, and there are a lot more

☆transmasc nonbinary xenohoarder cosmicgender genderspike

☆idk my sexuality lolz

☆Questioning if im genderfluid

☆i am a minor!

☆my names(in order of preference) are Val, Jett, and Asher


☆taken by my wonderful gf <3

☆ddlc, SANS AUS/UNDERTALE, star vs the forces of evil, gravity falls, TUYUUUU, the owl house, cooking companions, VOCALOIDDD, avatar the last airbender/legend of korra, STEVEN UNIVERSEEE, amphibia, LEGO NINJAGOOOOOO

☆please dni if 18+,anti lgbtq+, racist, s3xist, ableist, anti-xenogender, u know the drill

☆Kin list(not in an otherkin way, in the i-relate-to-them way): Sans, Sayori, (Passive) Nightmare Sans, vflower

☆i like this band called TUYU, their songs are rad >o<

☆not diagnosed but im like 99% sure ive got ADHD and Autism-

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