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omg desktop is so much easier than mobile thank god its not blocked on school computers. At least until my parents get me a laptop then the school can ban whatever they want

Tuesday Dec 5, 2023, 8:38 AM




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Big scene hours :p

I liekkkk... scene and emo culture and music, tally hall, tadc, fnaf, mlp, Faith the unholy trinity, moral orel, STEAM POWERED GIRAFFE!!!, being a furry, clowns, Sam and max, genloss, chuck e cheese and showbiz pizza, welcome home, bigtop burger, the muppets, lemon demon, HOMESTUCK!!!, camp camp, Sally face, Invader Zim, stardew valley, otgw, GARFIELD!!!, sonic tge hedgehog, gravity falls, trigun, HAZBIN HOTEL!!! (My current hyperfixation like crazy oh my god lol), and my queerplatonic partners!!! And of course I love kandi <3

My pfp is my art of my oc :3

Tumblr : that-darn-clown

Pinterest : Max_luvs_uu

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Marcie And Pb!!
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Kandi Visor!
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Karkat Pouch!
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