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"Pls dont bully me Dwight, I just want a snoot boop ..." -me playing Pig

Tuesday Mar 14, 2023, 12:45 PM




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Hey hey :D I'm Inkclaw

I'm just a furry emo that likes to draw and make kandi, but here are some other things I like:

My favorite movies is Saw and Sweeney Todd (I dont watch TV a lot TwT)

I really love Korn, Slipnot, MCR, AFI, Black Veil Brides, Kawai Sprite, and HANABIE,. I just like all sub-genres of metal ^w^

I mostly play an online horror game called Dead by Daylight, but I also draw digitally and traditionally(requests are open), make kandi, and now, looking into how to make a fursuit<3 I also play Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing!! I love slasher characters and I'm willing to learn about new characters. I will also talk ur ear off about Amanda Young XD.... I love her so much....

I am a bit of a people pleaser... so im gonna be honest right here...I dont care for anime, mlp, dream smp, owl house, or anything like that. Its not that I hate these things, I just dont care for it :/ yeah u wont get much out of me if u talk about it

Im also 14 so it would be cool if older folks didn't add me pls ;w;

It would be cool to have someone to share my interest and hobbies with so dont be afraid to reach out okays >w<. You can talk to me on discord,but we gotta know each other a little bit before that XD

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