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*Fart With Reverb*

Thursday Nov 17, 2022, 12:02 PM




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  • Gender: Pangender (Any Pronouns, Non Preferred)
  • Probably In An Alley Way, Prostituting Myself
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!!DNI if you use dumb as fuck pronouns like kitty/kittyself or stupid genders similar to that; they are not valid, go fuck yourself. You are a fucking joke to the queer community.!!! 4/1/2022 ilysm Robin <333 Ambiomourous n Pansexual <333 16 !!!Insanely NSFW!!! Feel free to request designs or message me :]]] !!!I POST MULTI-POST PATTERNS ALL AT ONCE!!! REGARDING BIKINI PATTERNS: All of my bikini patterns are made for my size, so they will be a B-C cup. B = 24 beads tall C = 26 beads tall. Add 2 beads to the height per upping cup size <3 I can adjust a specific bikini pattern of mine to be a larger size to an extent!!! Just shoot me a message and I will change it if I have the time/energy. You can always copy one of my bikini patterns and make it a larger size too!! If you repost one of my bikini patterns you directly copied (but in a different size) please shoot me a message to confirm I am comfortable with it being posted publicly!! And ofc please credit me when I give you permission to repost it :)

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