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"All i wanna be, yeah all i ever wanna be yeah yeah.. is somebody to you~

Saturday Nov 4, 2023, 10:10 AM




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(pfp art is not mine, couldnt find the og artist!) i just love making kandi :) MANY fandoms, like i cant even remember them all, we probably share atleast one common interest. ‎ -currently obsessed with (it hasnt quite made its way into hyperfixation territory yet) sally face, south park and helluva boss. (if vivzie did something please dont tell me i genuinely do not want to know.) i love vocaloid, musical theater, taylor swift, green day, all time low and set it off! -as for video games im really into deltarune, undertale, minecraft is pretty cool too, currently playing hollow knight, fnaf, currently playing fran bow, and the kindergarten games!‎ ‎- i like sailor moon, TOH. used to be really into maximum ride, harry potter, and twilight so if you wanted to talk about it id have loads to say :) the list goes on. ‎ -(im a minor so id prefer you not add me if youre over 18 or under 13 ykyk) @Cyber_writer on Ao3! (mostly sally face stuff.)

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