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  • Gender: ftm angelgender + bunnygender (he/him/ae/aer/halo)
  • Ask ^w^, New Brunswick, Canada
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haii welceom 2 my page wanring im not a good typer . My name is Vanny and i am a minor i heart undertale fnaf (mostly spin offs of the series) (BLYEYCAPSULE AND DSAF!!!!!) and sam and max oh so much i am irl scott afton (blueycapsules) and alphys im crazy just a bit sorry and part of a small system i am also gay i like men ummmm i really likeee neros day at disneyland andpat the bunny music wisei dont know what 2 say if ur near mmy area plz ask me for a trade i would love 2 TwT

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