All FNaF Plush Kandi (So far!)

Description These are all my FNaF Plushies so far including 2 I haven't even made patterns for yet, and 2 I haven't made physically OR made patterns for! Feel free to copy these as photos, but don't upload them as patterns.
Date 2021-05-09 08:33:19
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Made by Nightmare_Fredbear

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Sep 21, 2021 1:53 pm

its so cute i love it mario star

Aug 8, 2021 3:13 pm

@moonbowNat: op used aquabeads for these! (its kinda like perler but instead of fused w heat its fused w water :] )
maybe using perler beads would be ur best bet. i have nooo idea how u would do it w normal kandi but im sure if u keep messin around ull figure somethin out!

Aug 6, 2021 2:51 pm

how do u make these??? i dont know how to make the patterns, is it like u make it in multiple different pieces and then u put them together?? i've been trying to figure this out on my own but im stupid q_q

May 26, 2021 1:49 pm

This is rad :OO

May 11, 2021 12:31 pm

indeed I did! happy

May 11, 2021 12:28 pm

so cool!! did you use aquabeads to make the designs? i use aquabeads to make my earrings a lot so i thought it was cool someone else used them! dance

May 10, 2021 12:19 am

I've made Mangle now, i'll upload a pic and make a pattern of him/her.

May 10, 2021 12:18 am

Thank u happy

May 9, 2021 4:35 pm

iitz so cool 2 see all these iin real liife :000

// its so cool to see al these in real life :000