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I am currently creating new designs. Please message me with any Minecraft perler or FNAF peyote design requests or post a thread and tag me in it. If you add me i'll add you right back.

Friday Jan 28, 2022, 12:54 AM




Last online: 6-24-2023 5:51am
  • Gender: Animatronic/human (Hybrid species) (it/it's/you/they/them)
  • The Crying Child's Bedroom, The Crying Child's House
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Hi, some stuff about me;

My favourite video games are FNAF (specifically FNAF AR: Special Delivery) and Minecraft.

My gamertag on Xbox and Minecraft is Aragog21.

I also like Harry Potter and LEGO.

My absolute FAVE game is definitely Minecraft, and my favourite Minecraft skin isGolden Freddy (HD, and my favourite FNAF character is Nightmare Fredbear (Springtrap is my 2nd favourite).

Feel free to add me as a friend.

P.S. I do NOT appreciate people copying my patterns and uploading them publicly so please do not!

Thanks a bunch,


(If you don't copy my patterns and upload them publicly)

PS On Spotify I have a HUGE playlist of FNaF songs, so if you like the playlist, be sure to follow me! My username is Nightmare, as it is on here

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