where do yall get your beads???

The_Kandiman 9/21/2021 06:10 am 642

i grew up pretty much only going to michaels for craft supplies, but they have a pretty limited selection of beads. where are you getting yours? preferably not online, i like going to stores and looking at all the colors and shapes and stuff irl

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Sep 21, 2021 6:39 am

i usually go to joann fabrics, their selection is pretty good :]

Sep 21, 2021 7:51 am

I get like 40 bead cases for each holiday that we give gifts so I haven’t had to buy beads for myself in a while but my family gets them for my at Michaels. It’s ab 20-27 dollars for a big bead vase and 4 dollars for the bags of beads. There isn’t a whole lot of variety tho

Sep 21, 2021 7:56 am

walmart and michaels happy

Sep 21, 2021 8:25 am

I try to limit hobby lobby but they have the fun shaped ones which sucks sad2

but Walmart is rly cheap , for like one of those big boxes of 2300+ beads of different colors it was $13 some of the colors may be off tho (that one bead box a lot of people have that’s rainbow and has solid, sparkly, and metallic beads the metallic green was a rly ugly dark poop green for me)

Sep 21, 2021 9:03 am

hobby lobby has super cool funky beads !!! and joanns is neat tiniaquabird

Sep 21, 2021 5:39 pm

I go to hobby lobby, I spends lots of time looking at all their chunky colorful beads laugh

Sep 21, 2021 6:34 pm

i like going to joanns (they have some really cool and unique beads there from my experience) and sometimes i like looking for beads at like walmart .u. so yea

Sep 21, 2021 6:46 pm

i order mine off amazon bc im in canada and its the only place with decent shipping prices (aka free if you abuse the prime trial) but i recommend walmart and michaels for beads! toys r us also has some good beads but they dont exist in the states anymor

Sep 22, 2021 5:44 am

hobby lobby, the beads are 500(1 bag) for 2 bucks so its not cheap cheap but its still a pretty good deal

Sep 22, 2021 5:46 am

@lizzyisahippieig: hobby lobby is homophobic :[