rant/helpp thingg???

KandiOpossum 5/5/2021 06:21 am 188

idkk why im puttingg this here at all but idkk what to do crying I rllyrlly wanna tell my partnerr im an ageregressor but im to scared and don tknow how??? I mean xe would be totally okk with it i think even if they migght not understand completeely, I meaann xe knoww somebody else whos an ageregressorr as well. and xe haav also called me when imm regressed and seen the stuff i sendd and xyr rllyrlly sweet aboutt it,,, but still idikk. ive onlly been able to tell one person i know personallly about thiis and thatss my friend rossie, which only happeneed because it waqss hinted it was alsoo an ageregressor ( surprisingly it was!!!!) but againn thats the only reason why thatthappenedd. idkk whatt to doo crying(((

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May 5, 2021 6:29 am

as long as you're sure xe will accept you, which it seems like xe would, then id say go for it! xe doesnt seem like xe would really do anything bad if you told xem, so i think youd be fine. if anything, you might want to explain to xem what it means if xe doesnt understand- (sorry if i used the pronouns wrong, ive seen them used in different ways-)

May 5, 2021 7:37 am

@demonrat: you used them right dw! but i appreciate itt <laughing