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  • Gender: uhhh idfk. nothing lol (No pronouns but I might test out neopronouns??? Idk man)
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Hihihi ok so uHh yeah I’m opossum or ghost. I’m 14 have autism and unsurprisingly make kandi, which I started back in December!! I also do a lot of art to and make oc’s, which I’ve been doing since I was 9. I rlly like opossums, danganronpa, blastaway, warriors, and I’m also hyper fixating on wings of fire rn!!! Funky dragon books make brain go brrr ig lmao. All of you seem really really cool and awesome and honestly I feel really comfy here. Like I actually feel comfortable acting in the kinda stupid way I do which rlly makes me happy so yeah this is apparently a safe space for me now lmao. But yeah I hope you have a great day or night wherever your from and keep vibing !!!!! >>:

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