Rate your nicknames!

doublezero 4/22/2021 02:48 pm 777

I just wanted to see what people's nicknames are! Here are mine

Goose: 10/10 My name. Pretty rad.

My deadname: -10000000000000/10 The only people who call me this are my parents.

Goosey: 0/10 Something my mom calls me because she won't call me Goose

Gooseito: 0/10 see above

Goo: -10/10 What my dad calls me to make fun of me

Miles: 9/10 my middle name. No one actually calls me this.

That one son of a bitch: 10/10 yep that's me.

I actually don't really have a nickname tbh.

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Apr 27, 2021 5:55 pm

jasper 10/10 my name

jas 10/10 nice

furby !/10 yessssssss plz

battery 9/10 that is a crime I would do

deadname /10 gross

Apr 27, 2021 5:41 pm

tommy: 10/10 it's just my name and i like it

nate: 6/10 first name i chose when i realized i was trans. i'm still fine with it, but yeah.


the name of any of the characters i kin: 9/10 :flushed: yo that's really cool

dad: 5/10 my friend calls me this when i wear dad sweaters. pretty funny ngl

king: 10/10 YES?? BOW TO ME PEASANT!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!

boomer: 1/10 it's usually just a joke, but still

loser: 3/10 accurate, but kinda mean

dummy wummy: 0/10 my brother used to call me this a lot as a joke, but it still made me kinda sad tbh

bean: 5/10 my dad calls me this

Apr 26, 2021 5:22 am

ava - 8/10 my birth name, basic but i like it

grace - 7/10 also basic, my middle name

ava grace - 8/10 my first and middle name combined. my parents call me this when im in trouble

avacado - -10000/10 i hate it sm my dad still calls me that

dollface - 5/10 i only let my mom call me this kind of weird. i dont have a doll as a face

bitch - 10/10 my friend calls me this

fuckface - 10/10 love it my friend calls me this

thank you for your time

Apr 25, 2021 8:16 pm

jamie: 7/10 (my name, its ok ig)

jam: 8/10 (I call myself this a lot, I like it)

james: 9/10 (it makes me feel more androgynous)

vomiteeth: 8/10 (my alter ego swag gang member name >:33)

stripes: 10000100093208028348078/10 (MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A COOL DUDE MY FAV)

jam jam: -82916947/10 (pls don't ever call me this,,,,,,its so annoying lol)

Apr 25, 2021 1:10 pm

lyla: 8/10 my name, i like it, everyone mispronounces it though

layla: 0/10 see above xd

lylaloo: 10/10 love it, my mom calls me this sometimes, wish more people used it

loola: 9/10 kinda weird but fun, friends call me this

coconut: 5/10 i dont have coconut hair (anymore) kinda funny tho, kids at school call me this

frying pan: -2/10 why do people still think im pansexual- that was three years ago

bubba,baby,babes: 100000/10 makes me feel safe, nobody calls me this ;C

butterfly, snowflake, femmy, acorn, kiddo: -99/10 dont ever call me this, i'll literally shove my whole leg down your throat if you even begin to think that its okay. @bus3rs called me these`````

Apr 25, 2021 10:45 am

birth name- 2/10 (i dont like it at all and every single substitute teacher mispronounces it every time)

Evie- 7/10 (i like it, simple & basic, my nickname)

Frankie- 11/10 (yes bestie my favorite, only my friends call me it)

Apr 25, 2021 9:01 am

deadname- go fck urself/10 - called this by all of my family except two of my cousins.

kota- 5/10 - used to go by this but dont really anymore, people still call me it at my school tho

king- 0/10 - had to be called this by teachers bc my grandma wont let them use my prefered name

arson- 99999/10 - makes me feel very valid and euphoric, mostly called this by online friends and a few people at school and one of my family members.

valen- 9/10 - my first name but i hardly use it compared to arson.

f slur/pansy/sussie/t slur- 999999999/10 - called this by my friends when we're pretending to be homophobic christians

shorty/shawty/sharty- 999999999999/10 - called this by my little baddie, my little boo thang

bestie- 10/10 - my friend's mom, my grandma, my friends, and a couple random people call me this

(petnames) love/lovey/my love/puppy/dear/darling/baby- 9999999999999999999999/10 - hello serotonin (things my s/o calls me)

Apr 25, 2021 6:50 am

my deadname; -182736/10. disgusting, i forget its my name all the time.

my name, toby: 10/10. easy, simple, what could go wrong lol.

buzz: 12/10. thank god for buzz aldrin and my mother's belief that the moon landing was faked. great way for me to avoid my dead name w/o outing myself.

buzzy: 5/10. only my mother calls me this.

pitch: 7 or 8/10. only one friend calls me this. nostalgic but reminds me too much of our hogwarts is here days sometimes lol.

pitcho: see above^

Apr 25, 2021 2:51 am

jackers: 10/10, makes me rlly happy!!

jackalope: 100/10, so epic and cool i wish every person who calls me this a very i love you /p

clover: 8/10, technically an actual name of mine but im counting it anyways cause its my sonas last name.

jackie: 2/10. lame and sounds too feminine

Apr 24, 2021 7:14 pm

@k0k1ch1: Lololol I have a friend named sydney and I call them Australlia.