What's the point in PLUR ?

Awesome_Amber 7/19/2012 11:41 pm 2364

i'm not saying i don't believe in the meaning, quite the contrary, what i mean is im very new to all of this and it seems like everywhere i look all the long time members are talking about closing kandi groups to because the NEW kids are the problem. I'm a new kid but i try my hardest to do everything the right way. why should i be punished because i joined later? i dont know i guess im ranting because i truly thought i would be welcome here but im kinda treated like a poser. 2.gif

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Jul 20, 2012 12:35 am
Its not ALL new people, its the people that come in and act like they know everything and bring a bad vibe. This is only my opinion but, I was a newbie about 6 years ago or so and I know a lot of old schoolers probably didnt like me because I wore a lot of kandi without having gone to a party yet, but I loved the culture and what it stood for and how it could bring so many different people together for one event. The problem is that a lot of new people are coming in with bad vibes ad a know it all attitude. They come to their first party already knowing how to shuffle without having been taught at an event previously, they abuse the drugs meant to enhance the experience and tarnish the appearance with their "trashy" attire (again only my opinion on the matter) I find it very hard to respect any person who shows up to an event in a pair of undies, a bra, and fluffies with arm fulls of kandi the very first time. My first event I respected it. It was an underground-ish party and I wore so
Jul 20, 2012 12:35 am
me flare jeans and a shirt with a stuffed animal back pack and some kandi but not a lot. I was so proud when I got my very first piece of kandi at a rave and I still have it this day. But I'm not like most people, A lot of people are very inconsiderate to the scene and those who have been in it for a much longer time then them. Most old schoolers have left because of the crowded parties full of half naked annoying people doing drugs they are not mature enough to handle using responsibly. I know nothing about you but most people are wary of all new-comer's because they are all viewed as the same drug abuser annoyances. (yet again my view/opinion, hope I didnt offend anyone)