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Best place for beads

Samanthadb 8/23/2017 02:18 am 4682

shrughello hi I was wondering where is the best place to get Kandi beads that are a good quality and all the same size. Recently got some from michaels and not sure if that is the right route to go. What do you guys think.

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Aug 24, 2017 8:10 am

well kinda hit or miss walmart is decent ....... thats where i normally buy mine 500ct. baggies in either assorted color combos or solid colors for 1.97 and i get a 10% employee discount plus they have 1500ct. tubs for like less than $5 and huge fancy color set boxes arranged by colors or a fancy premium set with pearl, sparkly transparent, and solid color, watch out for holidays though. come the holidays the beads tend to be cheaper/poor quality i've noticed that i got a larger proportion of broken/misshapen beads the closer to christmas (misshapen in relation to the ones i'd used months earlier for the same project)

the biggest thing i can tell you is online stores exist and things like amazon might be good beyond that i cant remember the names of other bead specific stores