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Sylveon skirt! and a top?

white_rabbit_alice 8/24/2017 07:57 am 637

i sent my new boyfriend (we've been friends for 2+ years only recently began dating) this Sylveon cosplay link as a joke because he's a sylveon fanatic and he liked it a little toooooo much i cant really justify spending 185 on it given its "hot cosplay" (and i somewhat take issue with the fact it's not accurate, very very cute but not accurate) i vaguely remember how to make a kandi bikini top ive made one before (also went full idiot and used fishing line instead of elastic but i digress). I kinda want to make something like this or something similar/better than this

so the two issues at hand are

Pattern: i would be willing to make or modify one for the "top" i just need suggestions on the "style" (the center beadwork all i'd need is come crimping tubes and the pearl pony beads or even some fake pearl necklaces i can splice) also helpful embellishment idea's

skirt: is there even a way to do this or something in a similar style outta beads

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