we're having an existential crisis (tw for paranoia and existentialism, and slight religion)

urloverboy 1/24/2022 06:09 pm 181

hi me (rinn) and paris were talking and of course, it got deep. whenever we talk, it does, because paris always brings on the heavy topics

topics we've covered so far:

gender is fake, be a blob

the meaning of life is what you believe it is

you cant pin all the debt in the world on one person then kill them because if they dont pay it, its pinned onto the next of kin (child, spouse, etc)

where the fuck did the earth come from, because yeah it came from space or rocks or wtv but then what created those rocks, or that universe, and if u were to say god, then who created god because everything has to come from somewhere, it doesnt just appear out of thin fucking air

I before e except after c, except when your weird ancient neighbor seizes your efficient caffeine policies

if you're a man and you're not romantically/sexually attracted to men but you're in a relationship/having segs with a man, it's odd not to be but possible to not be gay

since your body cannot properly digest corn, if you only ate corn, at some point you would start shitting straight up kernels

there is no right or wrong answer to connotation, connotation is how a word makes you feel, positive negative or neutral, therefore you cannot be wrong because it is how the word feels to you

the word adjective has 9 letters but noun only has 4 and nathan had a full panic attack when he was thinking about that, and he was yelling at the word adjective

anything we missed?

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Jan 24, 2022 6:24 pm

my mind is blown but i dont get the noun and adjective one-