ayooo vent help thing idfk

lovejoyflowers 1/14/2022 09:34 pm 118

hi so my bff started getting into fnaf meepcity parties like how i was in 2018 and idk why but i feel like she's copying me/idrk i just get kinda mad/get butterflies in my stomach whenever i hear that she's playing in a fnaf meepcity party or just anyone mentions those parties. It's always been this way whenever i get hyperfixations/special interest(s) and people talk about liking my hyperfixations/special interest(s) so maybe its one of these moments?? I just dont want this to come in the way of our friendship crying

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Jan 15, 2022 1:19 pm

I feel the same way especially abt like bands n stuff I think its bc I've spent so much time researching the things I like/hyperfixate on so it bugs me lol I thought I was the only one lol