help with peyote

The_Kandiman 11/29/2021 05:16 am 121

alright so

i want to make a kandi skirt, and im starting with a peyote belt to start the skirt from. i initially made it 8 beads wide, but i looked at someone else's and it was only 6 beads wide. theirs looked better, so i continued my stitch only adding to 6 rows

my question is how should I take off the extra two rows that are there for the first part

so basically my question is: how could one tie up a peyote stitch after cutting off a row (or 2 in my case)? i have an idea for how i could do it, but if anyone has ideas id love to hear them

idk if this makes any sense but if it does help please lmao

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Nov 29, 2021 9:28 pm

If you add a picture i think people who have made shirts could help<3rainbowsmile