I have an idea but dont know if it'll work

ChronicallyOnlineRobloxian 11/26/2021 08:13 am 182

mariocarSO im trying to create a pattern i made to see if it worked (ddlc pumpkin cuff) and its gonna basically have this:

O: pumpkin

___: Single Kandi string thingy




PLEASE TELL ME IF IT WORKS!! I want to see if it works, im really interested in the idea, might post pictures later of my idea (the pattern is on my page)katamari

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Nov 26, 2021 8:23 am

yes it will work! ive done that exact same thing with traditional orange pumpkins, starting off with one full row of 2-1-2-1...etc and then building on the top and bottom rows of the pumpkins with the same string. as long as you have some kind of needle to help you navigate the string youre good to go