for people who make bead charms

annek 10/25/2021 02:00 pm 128

so, when making a charm,, how do you attach a bead on the end of a row without a bead to go off of? if that makes sense

i dont know ive been using my own little technique for a while but its really annoying because the bead never ends up in the place i want it!!!!! kao sick
i was just wanting to know if anyone else had a better way of doing this kao big grin

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Oct 25, 2021 2:15 pm

You mean like making turns in an odd peyote stitch? There are a bunch of methods for this, but this is the tutorial I follow. The second link might be helpful because she's making a charm step by step, and the 3rd is from Kandi Toybox who does a lot of weaving around to get her beads to sit right, which may be more in line with what you already do