How to ship kandi orders?

sparklyicing 10/21/2021 06:46 am 91

Hello, kandi komrads!! So, I have started making money at school making kandi bracelets for people, but now I wanna try making custom kandi orders for all over the US! So, if any of y'all are skilled at selling kandi, should I use an envelope and stamps? How do I price orders based off how much people get? How do I do this???

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  • rotten_meat
Oct 21, 2021 7:47 am

i don't run a business but i do frequently do research n' shit

a general recommendation is to try to limit the use of plastic packaging. do not use normal envelopes, im p sure putting anything other than paper shit in there is illegal or atleast will get the envelope tossed. use those bigass envelope, ya know the ones you get small things shipped to you. The pricing is usally time+materials+shipping+ a little extra for profit

if something takes you 1 hour to make and the materials cost you 5 bucks and the shipping is 5 itlll probably be around 15-20. with something super small like singles time will probably won't be considered since a single can take around 5 minutes-- so it will probably just be materials + shipping+ profit. You can have bundles and shit that will change the prices and such.

i hope you figure everything out!!!