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help! can i post my kandi if i cant reach the person who made the design??

JasperOfJupiter 9/15/2021 10:03 am 145

i made some kandi stars and i'd love to post them on here, but the person who made the design hasnt been active on the site since 2014. can i still post it and credit them?

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Sep 15, 2021 1:27 pm

@heavenlyghostboy is correct. Not everyone credits on here either. Some people can’t remember/find who made the pattern. But it’s polite to credit if you remember, or if the creator asks you to.

Sep 15, 2021 10:18 am

@heavenlyghostboy: ok thank you for your help!! <33

Sep 15, 2021 10:16 am

yes !!! as long as you state you didn't make the idea, and give credit, you're all good !!! <3