Lets talk about our gender discovery!

_n0t_sur3_ 7/31/2021 06:02 pm 287

Hello. My name is currently Dylan. If you wish to not use that name, Devynn, my birth name, is also fine. I am 13 years old, and I am a boy.
I was born a female, which, honestly, I am comfortable with. I am fine with being born a female and I do not mind having a female body (for the most part)
I have always been more boyish. It all makes sense now if i am being honest.
I guess you could say I am trans, and I would say that too. But am I really trans? How I feel is this: I want to be a boy, want to look like a boy, want to act and speak like a boy, want to be called a he/him, but, I don't hate being a female. I don't hate wearing bathing suits, I don't hate my body (tho I wish I was taller). I just don't hate myself physically. I want to be perceived as a boy, he/him, called a boy, whatever, but I want to be a girl in SOME aspects. Basically, I don't hate being a girl, I'd just much rather be a boy. I am not bigender, mainly because I personally dislike that term. I am also not gender fluid because I am not non-binary. I'm not a demi-girl because I see myself as more of a boy that a girl. I guess I could be a demi-boy, but I do not think so.
I am just going to stop worrying about my gender and just be who I am. I don't need to label my gender at all because it's MY gender. If you are feeling somehow like I am, I want to tell you this: You don't need a label, you don't need to know who you are from the minute you are born. It will all come with time and patience.

It can also change, so I don't recommend coming out to too many people because if it changes, you have to come out again and it can be quite annoying.

To sum it up: just be you. I love you all(/p), you are all valid <3

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Jul 31, 2021 9:15 pm

i personally have rejected all gender labels for myself. i went through a lot of labels when i was a teenager and spent a lot of time worrying about what i could call myself... went through every label under the sun lol. im so happy with myself now that ive just decided that i dont need that and that i can just be myself without worrying what to call myself. i use my birth name because i feel like no other name could really ever fit me haha. its just so freeing to realize that no one could ever put me in a box happy

Jul 31, 2021 6:12 pm

i agree. I am trigender but i dislike that term for myself so i just use trans for it. I was born a girl though had no feel to it. So i became a boy. Then someone called me they before and i felt a connection with that as well. Now for my neopronoun i didnt know what it was so i looked it up. Found out xe was one and then i felt like i kinda finished the gender puzzle haha.