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Give me your favorite foods and your least favorite foods

pmknz 7/24/2021 08:07 am 181

My fav is prolly soup dumblings and grilled cheese, my least favorite are hotdogs and mushrooms eweweweeweweweewewflameflameflameflame

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Jul 25, 2021 9:52 am

my favorite is caramelized onions and my absolute least favorite is mac and cheese !!!

Jul 25, 2021 12:43 am

I don’t have a favorite, I like many foods, My least favorite is anything with this specific texture I can’t handle, I don’t care how yummy it is or what it is but Texture!!!!

Jul 24, 2021 8:27 pm




Jul 24, 2021 7:26 pm

My favorite is.... idk lol I don't have a favorite, my least favorite would be ig anything that has eggs.... and shellfish sad cause... I'm allergic crying

Jul 24, 2021 4:52 pm

my favorite is energy drinks and my least favorite is eggs

Jul 24, 2021 3:39 pm

honestly I’ll literally eat anything so uhh I don’t really have a favorite

But I hate cheesecake and quinoa barf

and some days I love meatloaf? but then the next time I have it I hate it lol

Jul 24, 2021 11:50 am

my favorites are mac and cheese, blueberries, and spicy doritos

my least favorite is almost every other food lol /hj

Jul 24, 2021 10:14 am

My fav is probably either Chicken Parmesan or Cheesecake

Not my least favorite but I hate Lasagna the texture of the cheese makes me wanna curl up and die