im new to this place help

xX_p0ndScuM_dr1nk3r 6/22/2021 01:43 am 160

i just found these subcultures the other day online and I don't really know them too well or know the differences between them, but I like the vibes and the messages (I have pretty bad social anxiety and never really let myself like things up until maybe a few months ago.) sorry if I'm misinterpreting anything but this seems like a "like what you like and don't care what others think" sort of place. can someone please tell me more about kandi and all of this other stuff? or at least send me in some sort of direction? thanks rainbowsmile

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Jun 22, 2021 6:54 pm

hi!!! you are absolutely right, this site is a "like what you like" kind of place, literally no one here is judgemental!!! all we care abt is talking about our interests and plastic pony beadz, lol. cringe culture is dead!!! :3

Jun 22, 2021 7:27 am

hello and welcome!! and yeah, even though this is really a kandi website we talk about our interests a lot and everyone's super nice about it and that's so cool you're letting yourself like what you like!! it can be hard as I have anxiety as well but I'm getting over it and I like a lot of things that are considered "cringe" and honestly I don't even care anymore, cringe culture is dead!! kandi is an accessory used across many subcultures like scene, but anyone can wear it! it's also very commonly worn by ravers, but you don't have to go to raves to make or wear kandi! you can pick up some pony beads and string at your local craft store (and there are also some really cool decorative beads!) and you can find some tutorials online. I found out about kandi on tiktok and in late 2020 I decided to make some and I was hooked. I've gotten really fast and good at it and it's such a fun hobby!!

Jun 22, 2021 5:26 am

welcome! i'm pretty new here too, and from what i've gathered anyone can wear kandi, not just ravers or scene kids! this site is just where people can share patterns, show off their kandi, and meet other people like them and just hang out. If you want to make some, grab some pony beads and stretch cord (both are usually cheaper on amazon than craft stores) and watch a few tutorials! theres some here in the tutorials tab but i also recommed ginger cand-e's channel and vickymuffin's channel. hope this helps!