swimming suit help !

bugbinary 6/17/2021 09:05 pm 108

so i'm a trans man- and we are getting a pool soon. I need to get a swim suit but I'm only allowed to wear bikinis and one pieces (like. the ones that are just like bikinis but combined idek) and wearing those would make me feel so unbelievably bad that i'd rather not swim at all. but because of how my mom is i can't convince her. and im also not out yet- so I can't even ask.

if you guys have any tips- that'd be great. /g

i already have to deal with my hair being long and me not having a binder- i really DONT want to wear a bikini.

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Jun 17, 2021 9:29 pm

ask for a two peace with shorts, what I did was tell my mom I wanted a swim shirt so I didn't get sun burns, or I had a friend who pretended to be a good christian child a little bit and told his mom that he felt womens swim suits were to revealing and he didn't feel comfortable in one

Jun 17, 2021 9:23 pm

you could ask for a 2 piece and find one that has shorts with it? 2 pieces are like bikini's but they cover your stomach and the bottoms can be like bikini bottoms or shorts [they're usually not as long as swimming trunks for anything like that though]. sorry i cant help more though !