Flat peyote stitch panel things ???

X3Ash_AvalancheX3 6/16/2021 07:50 am 93

So I'm really confused on how to make flat peyote stitch thingies, they can be sorta like panels but they dont have a boarders or a background, I dont know how or where to star Ethier. I'm wanting to make 2 of them the first one is the hello kitty gloomy bear one and the 2nd one is a hello kitty in a gir costume, please help thx in advance

- xxash_avalanchexx

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Jun 16, 2021 8:17 am

theres tutorials on youtube how to do the peyote stitch if you need help starting it! theyre mostly for peyote cuffs tho , so once you finish the design you're doing don't tie it together like a cuff just tie it off so its flat ^^

hope this is helpful !!