chronic pain and kandi

fruit 5/9/2021 06:47 pm 89

so i've always had undiagnosed chronic pain that effects me everyday, but it just keeps getting worse and im not sure what to do. i will be seeing a doctor about it hopefully, but im really distressed because somedays i can't even bring myself to type, much less make kandi. im autistic and kandi is my special interest, im also an artist and i play instruments-- everything i love doing involves my arms and hands, and im afraid of losing the ability to do the things that i wake up for in the morning.

SORRY this got emotional but im just . wondering if anyone else knows how i feel, or even has any tips on how to manage the pain. i have really bad joint pains in both elbows, both wrists, and all of my knuckles. i cant carry heavy things or put pressure on my elbows because the pain is excruciating. ;_;

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