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checkerboard cuffs?

KANDI_THOMAS 4/8/2021 08:01 am 57

im struggling to find out how to do a checkerboard cuff. like, beads going white, black, white, black so on so fourth. ive only found one example but the person hasnt been active since 2015 or 1016. does anyone have any tips? <3

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Apr 8, 2021 8:51 am

so first ur gonna make a single with the pattern black white black white until it fits ur wrist.then, ur gonna put a black bead on a white bead or vice versa. ur gonna keep doing that until u get to where u started and ur gonna put a white bead on a black bead and continue until ur back where u started. continue this until you have finished the cuff

this might not look how you want but you could do this:

first: five white and five black until it fits arounf ur wrist. second: put 3 white on thw white beads and 2 black on the black beads and continue untill u have squares that are 4 beads tall. third: put 2 black beads on one of the white squares. and then put 3 white beads on the black square.

continue the last 2 steps until its the length yu want it to be

hope this helped <3