Favorite Danganronpa game and why?

Bobcat_Dice 3/3/2021 02:47 pm 102

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Mar 3, 2021 6:09 pm
@CR1SS_CR0SS: SDR2 is my favorite too, I think it had a really interesting story and such amazing characters! (I was upset by a couple deaths though) I also think that Nagito was a really interesting antagonist, I don’t simp for him and he isn’t really one of my favorite characters (not that I dislike him, I just don’t love him!) but I did think that his ultimate and just his character in general was interesting to watch/listen too! Same with the ending as well after I watched/played THH I thought that it would be so cool if you/the protagonist were actually the mastermind and I was so excited to see that in SDR2!!
Mar 3, 2021 6:04 pm

@demonrat: Agreed! Although ultra despair girls isn’t my personal favorite I do think that by V3 the story began to get a bit repetitive and I really enjoyed being able to see Toko finally get some good character development, I also thought it had a interesting story and some really good characters! ^^

Mar 3, 2021 5:59 pm

im not too attached to danganronpa in general anymore, but my favorite's definitely ultra despair girls. its got some of my favorite characters in the franchise, a completely new format, and a plot that isnt generally "oh no we're stuck in a murder school, who's the mastermind?" it was the first i played after watching the thh anime (and spoiling the rest for myself lmao), so its the most memorable of the games. plus i played with my friends voice acting, and so many good jokes came from us playing together (ex. everyone is junko, nagisa with a gundham voice, toko fukaren, i literally have a list-) which made it even more fun than it already was-

im not saying i dont like the others, but they got a little repetitive-

Mar 3, 2021 5:35 pm

While my first interaction with the franchise was through Danganronpa: The animation, SDR2 is the only game out of the three I've played. (Cus I watched the animation first I didn't feel the need to play the first game and I'm still waiting for v3 to be released on iOS so I can experience it for myself)

It was a really enjoyable playthrough, and I found myself heavily invested in the characters and the story too.
I just really love the cast of SDR2 and most of my favorite characters are from the game so I'm extremely biased however I think it's probably the reason I'm even in the danganronpa fandom Cus the animation didn't really light that spark in me. Course it could be argued that had I played all three games my opinion could be different.

Mar 3, 2021 3:50 pm

aa that's a hard question,, i'd have to say dr1 though, because I have a huge attachment to it. i read the Something Awful fan translation (not when it was coming out), then watched the anime, and finally watched a lets play... so, even if it's not the best, it's my favorite by a long shot.

Mar 3, 2021 3:16 pm

sdr2! th characterz from that game in my opinion r th best lol. also the fake intro *chefz kiss*