kidcore_nagito 2/28/2021 02:05 am 234

yall what do you do when ur halfway thru a cuff and suddenly u run out of string to put ur pony beads on ???????????? can u just. tie on more string or smth????? confused

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Mar 12, 2021 8:03 pm

i tie more but sometimes i mess up and thats why i have a rached nook cuff also love ur username lol

Mar 12, 2021 4:59 pm

when I run out I usually just take smaller pieces I cut off and tie them together

Feb 28, 2021 11:10 am

yes. use a surgeon's knot to tie on more string

Feb 28, 2021 10:41 am

when that happens i usually make a knot and continue with more string but if you ran out of string you can put tape on it and buy more

Feb 28, 2021 2:43 am

Yes, you can just tie more on. There’s a little explanation on this page: