Tips For Beginners/ General Tips :DDD

Strawbery_Souda 2/21/2021 06:12 pm 107

Heyo I thought I would share some tips bc I learned alot throughout the few months I have been doing them :))


-If u have pets, be extra careful bc they can and will get to them

- If using a pattern, line up beads for that row and then pick them up

-Elastic string is the best to use but you dont have to! I have alot of kani using random string

-Get one of those grid organizers with the kandi in them bc you can reuse the container for beads or perlers :D

-If making a lot, get the bags of kandi instead of the grid one. The'll last longer and its worth it :)

-You 100% dont need a needle to make a cuff

- Put more than just perlers on! Random charms, keychains, I even used a pic printed on paper taped on cardboard once

Perler Tips

-PLS PLS PLS Dont wear long baggy sleeves when making. Ruined so many bc of them

-Get tweezers or some kind of tool bc its hard to reach the middle if you mess up and YOU WILL.

-Sort. Your. Beads. It saves sooo much time to just reach for that color instead of searching for it

-If you dont have an iron or cant use it, heat up a pan and put the pan onto the parchment paper and perlers

-If your perlers slightly curl, after you remove the iron, put a bag of frozen vegetables on without removing the parchment paper

Drop any other tips so we can all help eachother kao tonguepeace

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Feb 21, 2021 6:30 pm

make a list of beads when you head out to purchase more so you dont forget what you need.

make a list of words to put into kandi singles.

there are a lot of helpful youtube channels centered around kandi making which you can refer to if you'd like to attempt a new project or need a refresh on how to make something.

you arent going to be perfect when you first start making kandi, learn from experience.

hope this helps some of yall. if you have other questions lmk ^_^ /g

Feb 21, 2021 6:21 pm

@bunnihat_brainr0t: My dog has grabbed cuffs or singles from me and i have to chase her around for it >

My dog got to my string too and im glad neither of our pets got rlly sick

Feb 21, 2021 6:18 pm

i've definitely learned my less0n abt leaving string 0ut,, my cat ate s0me and i felt rlly bad bc they g0t sick (they're alright n0w th0!)