Any ideas for singles?

Sweet_Baby_Bunny 1/10/2021 06:27 pm 91

I recently started making singles and so far I've only made Care Bear singles, Powerpuff Girl singles, and little space singles, but now I've run out of ideas and I figured I'd post the thread and hope for the best.

Thank you and i hope you and your families are all doing well. Please stay safe and healthy

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Jan 11, 2021 9:57 am

maybe make sum with names ya like to be called in little space

or things ya like

fr example i really like lilo and stitch its my favorite movie to watch in little space

so maybe try n make a single based off sumthing like that

Jan 10, 2021 7:27 pm

you should do one that is pink and yellow that says my melody on it <3