Kandi Tips?

Jschlatt_Kinnie 11/18/2020 01:04 pm 230

I need tips on what kind of string, beads, and charms are the best and where I can find them :<

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Nov 23, 2020 3:05 pm

@Jschlatt_Kinnie: I might be able to help with the charm thing! I thought I didn't have any charms until I started looking around my room. If you haven't gotten rid of your old toys or if you know someone who plays with toys, there's a chance there will be little ones. You can order little circle rings with a screw part on the end (I'm not sure what the are called) and you can screw them into almost any small toy and then hook a chain through it or put string through it. Also if you do take this advice and you want to put those screw things into plastic or similar hard materials, I take a needle and hold the tip over fire and push it through where I want the screw to be. It will melt the plastic only enough to make a small hole. I hope this helps!

Nov 19, 2020 12:00 pm

The type of string you use is very important! For singles and smaller cuffs, I like to use braided chord bc it's stretchy and stronger than normal elastic. For cuffs and charms i use crystal string or fishing line to keep its shape ;3

Nov 19, 2020 11:48 am

@kuromi_oma: my mum ordered me some good string and its coming today or tomorrow. I also have like, nothing to make into a charm. But im almost out of pony beads so ive been using shapes and other thing like that

Nov 19, 2020 11:28 am

get beads of amozon they come with string most of the time and are hella cheap you can use anything as a charm it dosent matter what other pepole think pony beads arnt the only thing you can use etir and make sure to keep up on your craft store sales

Nov 19, 2020 10:47 am

i find all of mine at Walmart they also have some really cute stuff to put on kandi at hobby lobby

Nov 19, 2020 5:36 am

i g0t b0th 0f my b0xez 0f be4dz 0ff 0f 4m4z0n 4nd my string!!

Nov 19, 2020 4:56 am

:000 My mum ordered me the good string yesterday, but THANKIE

Nov 18, 2020 9:25 pm

I was able to get a nice starter box with 2300 for $12 at Hobby Lobby, Michael's can get a little expensive so I'd say only shop there when you can't find it anywhere else. You can also get more specific beads on beadtin.com in bulk. The best thread that people recommend is this white elastic cord: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000GPTDB6/ref=p... It's really strong and ties nicely instead of that shitty clear stretch magic stuff, and this roll in particular gives you a lot I just got mine in the mail yesterday and it works great. Also, 0.7 and 0.8mm are generally the ideal thickness you'd want to get, otherwise it's too weak or too hard to tie. I'm not really sure about charms but I assume anything you can get that's of decent quality will be fine.

Nov 18, 2020 7:36 pm

i get mine from craft stores (like joanns and micheals bc i havent heard anything bad abt them) and amazon somtimes bc its the easiest to access ;-;

Nov 18, 2020 2:20 pm

@Dangitgrandpa_11037: Th4nk13!! (Thankie)